Health Wealth & Wisdom


It all started with a crab cake.

Fifteen years ago, we set out to share our passion for one of Maryland’s most famous culinary traditions. Inspired by our Baltimore roots, we had a growing desire to do more than merely serve good food. We wanted to make good food that truly served our community. So crab cakes eventually evolved into full course home-cooked meals that we delivered to churches and small businesses throughout the city. With the encouragement and support of our local community, we continued to grow and experiment until our signature seafood and southern-inspired menu was born, which became the catalyst for creating a catering business that we called Health Wealth & Wisdom (HWW) Kitchen.

Crab Cakes


HWW Kitchen prepares meals for events of all sizes and purposes, ranging from business meetings, community outreach, large celebrations, and intimate personal gatherings. Every meal is made from scratch using the freshest local, high-quality ingredients. Our name reflects our philosophy that cooking means more than filling plates—it’s about nourishing minds, bodies, and souls. That’s why we take great pride in preparing innovative cuisine that celebrates the bold spirit of our community and brings everyone together for an unforgettable experience.